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Shortly about us:

Elefant Corporation Limited is a UK based company. We produce high quality accessories for you. We produce 3D printing technology and casting from resin.


About Us

Dear friends and fans,

welcome to Elefant Corporation Limited website. Wait a while for the website, we're working on it. We are moving slowly and the menu items are increasing. Our goal is to produce quality and accurate accessories. Which requires a lot of study and further work. We try to produce according to real vehicles. Observe the exact dimensions and thickness of the armor. Therefore, someone may find the price higher than ever competing. Especially in cast sets. This is due to several factors.

We use the highest quality materials available on the market. This is especially true of the rubber we use to make molds. This is related to the fact that we make the forms wider. This ensures that the parts have the same thickness. Also, casting productivity is slower. We don't cast more than 5 times a day. Each casting is in the form of at least 1-1.5 hrs. Certainly you have ever encountered that the cast parts were twisted, wider on one side, thinner on the other, or reduced in size. This is because manufacturers save on rubber for mold making. They also use molds until they tear. They also take castings out of molds very soon. Therefore, they are twisted. We only form the original master model. Pour each form a maximum of 10 times, not more. Then we make new forms. Since we are modelers, we try to make everything as if it were for us. Therefore, we can guarantee first-class casting quality. For printing of 3D models we use cooperation with those who have top printers. We also make photo-etchings with proven companies. Here we will try to keep the exact thickness. Quality is our priority. Thank you all for your support, advice and suggestions. Our wish is that our products serve you and help you make your models even better.

Elefant Corporation Limited team