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Shortly about us:

Elefant Corporation Limited is a UK based company. We produce high quality accessories for you. We produce 3D printing technology and casting from resin.


Returns Policy

All Goods are made to order and remain the property of Elefant Corporation Limited until paid for in full. Goods may only be returned only by prior arrangement at the recipients’ expense. Delivery and insurance charges are non-refundable. Any returns may be subject to a re-packing/repair fee based on the condition of the returned products and packaging, and restocking fee of 10% which will be deducted from any refund. No returns will be accepted beyond 30 days ARO.(ARO= After reciept of order).

A claim for damaged/missing items should be made within 7 days of receipt. This is limited to one claim per order which will be free of charge, further repeated claims will be charged at cost and no return/refund for goods will be accepted. The first general term is repeated on all invoices.

A claim or refund for non delivery for standard mail order can be made after 30 days ARO, for courier services terms vary depending on the courier. Contact us for details.

Orders may be cancelled at any time up to the time of delivery, if goods are not yet dispatched the refund will be made same day. For goods in transit a refund will be given only when the goods are returned to us in good condition. The cost of return will be met by the customer. Outward shipping, packing and insurance charges are not refundable.

Any products purchased ‘second hand’ , (without proof of direct Elefant Corporation Limited supply, or supply from an Accurate-Armour approved dealer, shop or agent), or any products part assembled or part worked on in any way, are not covered by this returns policy. Under these circumstances no returns or replacement part requests will be accepted, however we may quote for the supply of parts to restore the product to full inventory.